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Personal Care

In Raipur, our platform specializes in eco-friendly personal care products, encompassing body, skin, and beauty care items. These products are meticulously crafted using natural raw materials such as sesame leaves, aloe vera gel, and neem leaves, ensuring both efficacy and sustainability. By prioritizing the use of these ingredients, we aim to enhance production while minimizing environmental impact.

Our approach is centered on meeting the diverse needs and expectations of our customers. We strive to maintain a harmonious balance between customer satisfaction and our environmental responsibilities. Through continuous innovation and collaboration with suppliers who share our commitment to eco-conscious practices, we ensure that our products not only meet but exceed the standards of quality and effectiveness expected by our customers in Raipur.

By offering a wide range of eco-friendly personal care options, we aim to empower consumers to make informed choices that benefit both their personal well-being and the environment.


Varieties Of Personal Care


In Raipur, we offer a diverse range of soaps focused on providing comprehensive skincare benefits. Our products are meticulously crafted to cater to various skin types and conditions, ensuring effective results. Utilizing eco-friendly ingredients and manufacturing practices, we prioritize environmental sustainability while delivering superior beauty care solutions. Customers can rely on our soaps to maintain the glow and beauty of their skin, thanks to the thoughtful customization and dedication to skincare excellence.

Body Lotion

In Raipur, our focus is on manufacturing and supplying eco-friendly body lotion products that prioritize customer care. These lotions adhere strictly to rules and guidelines, ensuring they are made from natural ingredients like palm leaves, neem leaves, coconut oil, amla, and other sustainable materials. Customers benefit from using these products daily, addressing specific skincare needs while minimizing environmental impact  eco-friendly body lotions use natural ingredients for effective skincare.



In Raipur, our eco-friendly face care products offer skin relaxation, sun protection, and natural glow. Utilizing raw materials like neem leaves, lemon, and almond oil, our products sustain skin health and youthfulness, available for purchase at environmental-friendly platforms our eco-friendly face care products ensure skin relaxation and protection from sunlight radiation during summer. Crafted from natural ingredients such as neem leaves, lemon, and almond oil, these products promote regular skin sustenance and a youthful glow.

Eco Friendly Products

Lavender Soap

Lavender Meadows

₹ 95

Eco Friendly Products

Hair Oil

Amla & Aloevera

₹ 45

Eco Friendly Products

Body Lotion

Rose Flower Water

₹ 65

Eco Friendly Products


Turmeric & Chandan

₹ 120



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