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Home & Living

Our platform in Raipur offers a range of home, living, decor, and furniture products crafted from bamboo or raw jute materials to promote sustainability. We aim to establish a business that aligns with environmental conditions, emphasizing innovation and customer satisfaction. Introducing new home decor products ensures unique guidance for customers, fostering achievement and positive feedback. We continuously adapt based on customer reviews, enhancing our platform’s structure and promoting eco-friendly practices to achieve better results and maintain a sustainable business model.

Varieties Of Home & Living


These sofas are crafted with strong attachments, ensuring a comfortable experience for sitting, sleeping, and resting. We provide a variety of these sustainably manufactured items to cater to our customers’ needs, aiming for continued growth and customer satisfaction in the future Discover eco-friendly wooden sofas in Raipur on our platform.

Double Bed

Our highest quality product in Raipur is crafted from bamboo, ensuring users enjoy a comfortable sleep and rest. It’s crucial to maintain safety, preventing children from jumping on it to avoid damage. Careful handling preserves its longevity and eco-friendly benefits our premium bamboo product guarantees a restful sleep and optimal comfort.

Book Shelve

Our bookshelf in Raipur is crafted from recycled wood waste, ideal for storing books and documents. It offers ample space for over 100 books and additional storage with two drawers, ensuring customer satisfaction with eco-friendly materials It features generous storage space for over 100 books and includes two drawers for added convenience, ensuring optimal functionality and environmental sustainability.

Study Table

In Raipur, our eco-friendly one-door table with a compactible drawer is crafted from ash wood sourced in India. It serves as an ideal surface for children to study, read books, and adults to work on laptops, supporting various purposes with sustainable materials It serves as a versatile surface for children’s studies, reading, and adults’ laptop work, promoting sustainability through its durable and functional design.

Eco Friendly Products


Double-Bed Set


Eco Friendly Products

Pure Wood

Sofa With Centre Table

₹ 5000

Eco Friendly Products

Ash Wood

Study Table

₹ 3500

Eco Friendly Products

Jute Frames

Wall Art Texture

₹ 7000

Eco Friendly Products

Recycle Wood

Book Shelve

₹ 8500



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